Program Guide

We are engaged to implement programs to promote diversity at Osaka Prefecture University in accordance with the following declaration.


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Osaka Prefecture University Gender Equality Declaration

In 2005, Osaka Prefecture University made a new start after merging and restructuring three prefectural universities: the former Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka Women’s University, and Osaka Prefectural College of Nursing. To realize its basic philosophy “High-level research oriented university university-a global hub trusted by local communities,” we focus on three aspects:
“diversity,” “fusion,” and “globalism.”


Based on this basic philosophy, and under the recognition that diversity is the very driving force of future education and research, OPU established the Basic Principles for Promoting Diverse Human Resources in order to provide more opportunities to young researchers, international researchers, and female researchers. We have worked to establish an intellectual hub where “diverse” people gather, develop themselves through friendly competition, establish new knowledge by “fusing” values, and share this knowledge widely with the “global” society.


The Japanese government, in the 4th Science and Technology Basic Plan, mentions that promotion of female researchers is “very significant for not only the enhancement of gender equality but also to demonstrate organizational creativity by adopting various viewpoints and ideas and stimulating research activities,” and expresses its intention to improve the environment for further appointment of female researchers and promotion of their activities.


To create an intellectual hub that will be trusted by local communities as a public university, based on the above-mentioned policy of the Science and Technology Basic Plan, it is necessary for us to further enhance our initiatives to realize gender equality, using the female researcher support program as a good opportunity.


Osaka Prefecture University hereby declares that it will make every effort to develop a better learning environment where teaching staff and students, regardless of age and gender, can fully exercise their skills and play an active role in society, while giving adequate consideration to work-life balance, thereby proactively promoting gender equality.



Environmental Improvement

We are creating an environment to promote diversity as well as directly supporting our researchers.


Research Support

We provide female faculty members with opportunities to develop their career paths as a researcher.


Fostering Female Researchers

The Center is engaged in developing career paths that enable women to be active in their research, and increasing the number of female students who hope to study science.